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Windows Phone – Tools, Toolkits, Controls and Add-ons – Ingredients for Awesome

Watch this space…. very cool stuff coming all the time!!!

The Basics:

You will need these free tools to get started, if you don’t have the tools, the link below will get you on your way to installing all the tools you will need to get going, for FREE:

Windows Phone Development FREE Tools

Free Tools and Resources [NEW]

Here are the tools and the cool resources I use to give my apps that extra polish and professionalism.  All tools listed here are FREE.  In the rare case where they are not, I will make sure to mark clearly.

If you know of a great tool or resourse that I should be telling people about or that I have missed, leave a comment and I will be sure to include it!

Paint.NET (image editing)

What it does: I am horrible at graphics, more than that, I am not shelling out money for a graphic editing program that I will use virtually none of.  Paint.NET gives me the tools I need to make cool graphics without the cost and learning curve of the major image editing suites.

get it here: GET Paint.NET


Metro Studio (tiles, icons, image editing)

What it does: I cannot say enough good things about this product.  It is my go-to resource for Metro-style imaging.  With over 2500 different images in a searchable database, easy coloring, size changing and basic editing and the coolest export options I have ever seen in an app, this Windows application is as necessary to me as Visual Studio when I want to create a new app!!!

get it here: GET Metro Studio (fonts, banners, titles)

What it does: The best font resource I have found yet, bar none!  Hundreds of fonts, most free to use without any fees or cost.  You can download the fonts to install on your dev machine, include directly in your app or make use of their cool, easy to use online tool to create hot, custom title graphics for your app!

get it here: GOTO


Audacity (sound editing)

What it does: Clean, parse and export audio files to be used in your app!  This free utility is easy to use and has provided me everything I have needed to get audio resources ready for my apps that need sound.

get it here: GET Audacity


Free Toolkits

Add a lot more style and functionality to your Windows Phone Apps with not a lot of work by adding one ore more of these free Toolkits to your arsenal!!!

If you know of a great toolkit that we should share or that I have missed, leave a comment and I will be sure to include it!


Microsoft Azure Mobile Services

Microsoft Azure has the best support I have ever seen from any cloud service for mobile app development regardless of the platform you choose for your app.  Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and more are supported here with fantastic tutorials and an interface that is rediculously easy to use and even writes the code needed for your chosen platform so you can get connected to the cloud and building first class apps in no time!!!

Get it here:


Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit

get it here:

Silverlight Toolkit Download

Author:  SaiedKhanahmadi


    • GestureService/GestureListener
    • ContextMenu
    • DatePicker
    • TimePicker
    • ToggleSwitch
    • WrapPanel



get it here:

or on NuGet!!!

Author: Shawn Wildermuth (

Offers some great extension to the basic Toolkit provided by Microsoft.



Coding4Fun Tools

A very extensive set of tools for your phone development projects!

get it here:

or on NuGet!!!



    • About Prompt
    • Input Prompt
    • Progress Overlay
    • Round Button
    • Round Toggle Button
    • Memory Counter
    • Message Prompt
    • Password Prompt
    • TimeSpan Picker
    • Toast Prompt

Abstract Classes:

    • PopUp class for things like an Input Prompt that can be GPU accelerated unlike the built in Popup control.


    • Boolean to Visibility
    • String To Visibility
    • Themed Image Converter
    • Inversed Theme Image Converter
    • Visibility to Boolean

Binding Helpers:

    • Textbox update
      Example: <TextBox Text="{Binding FooBar, Mode=TwoWay}" local:TextBoxBinding.UpdateSourceOnChange="True" />

Data Helpers:

    • PhoneHelper for getting data out of the WMAppManifest file
      Example:  PhoneHelper.GetAppAttribute("Title")


Open Data Protocol (OData) Library for Windows Phone

This is an open source release of the .NET, Silverlight, and Windows Phone 7 client libraries for the Open Data Protocol (OData). For more information on OData, see

Get it here:

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