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My Apps

Here is a comprehensive listing of my phone apps. Right now this is just my last 8 apps… There are 12 more on the marketplace at the current time and I will add them as soon as I have a chance!


Wow!!! I really have to update this page!!!

Well, I have about 30 apps after these 8 and I will be posting them in the near future!

Check back often because I create apps all the time  Smile.  Apps are listed with the newest apps on top!  I would really like to hear your comments on my apps, I am always aiming to make the kind of apps that people want to use on their phones.

Click on the app name to go to Zune so you can try it out!!!  The price of the app is directly after the name (most of them are free!!!)

Windows Phone Apps


Morse Coder – Free – This is another cool little app that was made just because I wanted to do it.  With this app, the user can create any text message they want and with a push of a button, Morse Coder will convert the test to Morse Code and play it using either Light, Sound or both!  A simple and fun way to pass messages back and forth if you know Morse Code.  Future versions will allow the user to decode a received Morse Code text message or email and also send out Morse Coded text via email or SMS.


Emoticon-aryFree – One day when my daughter sent me a text message with a pretty cool emoticon, I decided that I would put some of my ANSI art skills to use and make a dictionary of emoticons, hence Emoticon-ary. I added some cool style points to it so it uses your chosen theme color as the background colors for the title bar at the top and the application bar at the bottom. The user can tap on the Title to get the cool popup which allows them to select a subsection of the emoticons to browse or search.


Bustin’ BallzFree –  I came up with a fun, simple, addictive game where the general idea is to bang a ball against colored bumpers on the sides of the screen that match a chosen color in the center of the screen by tilting your phone.  I love watching people play this game, I have not seen anyone play it without a big grin on their face.


DestinationsFree – I came up with this app idea while reading the classified section of the local paper and seeing the garage sales listed there. I love garage and estate sales, especially in the country and I thought it would be cool to have an app where I could store a number of locations and then pinpoint them all on the map so I could plan my routes a little more easily. Having the list on my phone meant that I could take the map with me and not get lost in my quest for great antiques!   This app is also great for those going on a trip to mark sightseeing points or even just for keeping track of locations for general errands.


RecorderFree – I was on my way home one day and I needed to remember a phone number while driving and realized that my new Windows Phone was the first smartphone I had ever owned without a recording app already on it. This was a job for an app-geek like me, so when I got home, I started making a simple recording app that allows the user to create any length of audio recording and have them listed by date.


HealthCalcFree – I wanted to try something different and since it was spring, I decided to create a recommended caloric intake calculator to help us all get ready for bathing suit weather.  This app’s information is based on data from the Health Canada website. I even added a BMI calculator to the app that could calculate your BMI using either Metric or Imperial measuring systems!

HealthCalc - ScreenShot_01HealthCalc - ScreenShot_02HealthCalc - ScreenShot_03HealthCalc - ScreenShot_04HealthCalc - ScreenShot_05

HearseeFree – This was a pure geek exercise. I wanted to see what would happen if I took randomly recorded sounds and then basically interpreted the raw data of the file at the byte level as an image.  The biggest issue with creating this app was coming up with the proper math to convert the sounds to images. Due to the length of time it took me to do that, I was unable to code the part that would allow the user to save their images and/or the sounds they recorded. I still think that this was a pretty cool experiment.  These features will be added in an update if I get feedback that lets me know that users want those features!


Black Book Free – I decided to create a simple little contact list that you could keep separate from your standard contact list that is built into the phone’s OS complete with the ability to Call or Text a contact as well as having a rating system that allowed you to rate each contact.  I had really wanted to include a cool star rating control, but found that there was none available in any of the toolkits I have found so far. There was an example of it that I found, but I found that I could not get it properly implemented in time to release it, so the app was released without that control and the user has to enter a number between 1 and 5 for the rating,  Watch for the update to be coming up soon!


11 Responses

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  1. Ed says

    Just wanna input on few general things, The website style and design is perfect, the content material is rattling great : D.

    • Miriam says

      VB I’ve been using an e-reader for my Treo for years and I am (ahem) a ltilte older than you it really isn’t a problem, and with the incredible screen on the iPhone I imagine the experience will be even better!

  2. carol says

    excellent post, thanks!

    • Abdulmuttalip says

      Thanks again for reviewing the app. Great to hear that there’s some ineterst in it out there! I’m working on an update that will be released next week with 3.0 that will fix most of the issues people might be seeing.All the best!Eric

      • Atley says

        Sorry for the late reply, always happy to help!

  3. Kathy says

    you REALLY have to update this list!! LOL

    • Atley says

      Sorry for the late reply, I know, I know, lol, it is about 272 apps short 😉

  4. Ash says

    Hi Atley,

    Just wanted to let you know that I love the Picture Hanger app on Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but it would be even better with vertical hanging calculations too!

    I try to maintain best practice hanging by placing the centre of pictures at eye level, which in my house is 1610 mm (we’re not too tall here!). Given that pictures can be different heights, and the hools/hanging points in different positions relative to the frame, it would great to just know ‘where I have to bang the nail’…

    • Atley says

      Sorry for the late reply, Glad you like the app!!! always good to hear from users. Hope you rated it 😉

      I will look into adding the vertical hanging option. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Rajendra says

    Hi Atley,
    I am trying to develop paint application windows 8.1 app having other cool feature in it. I have problem or you may say not able to implement eraser feature in it. Initially I tried with using background color of canvas to get fill of eraser but when background color is an image then removing any color on image point by point not works. I tried Ink-manger also but it clears complete stroke not by point by point also canvas is mix with images and lines strokes then its not working good.
    If you please help me in this I am digging site to get proper implementation .

    • Atley says

      ping me on Skype and lets go over this. I have made a few apps like this and I may be able to help you come up with a fairly quick solution.

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