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Build, Day Two

Day 2 & things didn’t slow down even a bit!

There are some great new features in Visual Studio 2019 that work together to make coding much more productive.  From advanced code cleanup tools to better context following in IntelliCode to improved ways to creating Interfaces & keep updating members from classes into the appropriate Interface, over 50 major changes & new features come together to make creating good code easier than ever!

I got to talk to my long time friend Jeff Fritz about the work he is doing on Twitch to help developers educate & help each other evolve their skills as well as the cool things he is working on to innovate the chat bot experience in a multi-channel scenarios!  Make sure you check that out in the DevCollective.

Xamarin is continually evolving & 2019 is no different!  Now devs can access over 50 different API’s on EVERY PLATFORM all in one place with the new Xamarin Tools in VS 2019. A mere 7 GB (pretty much an XCODE install) & you can dev for every major platform on the planet!

Azure!!! From Pipelines, to DI coming to .NET Functions on Azure, & so many more, there was no dearth of cool things to find out about MS in the Cloud.

Day 3 is mere hours away and I’ll be Tweeting & blogging here! Stay tuned
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