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Build, Day One

OMG, msbuild has been so crazy!!! Where to start???

An insane demo of Cortana improvements this morning showed a person having a conversation with Cortana that had 34 separate interactions or functions in it.  She not only kept up, but also got new information added & modified calendar entries in real time.

The number of incredible new & updated features & services in Azure are way too many for me to remember right now.

And lastly, but surely not least, as many of you know, I am a very Anti-Chrome person

Then I went into a couple of sessions in the afternoon & was actually blown away by how frank & forward Microsoft was being about why they made the switch, how they were focused on privacy, giving the users control of their information & who had access to it.

They clearly outlined the plans for Edge over the  next year, they were even more honest & open when I got to speak to the presenter & asked him questions that were related to my personal concerns.

One thing that was made clear on day one, Microsoft was continuing its evolution; this was not the same Microsoft I had known, its culture & outlook had changed. From what I am seeing so far, the change has been for the better.

I can’t wait til day 2.

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