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Where UWP Makes Sense

I get asked this question a lot and here is my point of view.

UWP is still important for it’s webpage-like flexibility while having the trust and power of the desktop. It allows for relatively fast prototyping and grows more powerful with every release. There are lots of form factors from, Hub, Xbox, Desktop and, to some extent, still Windows Mobile.

Microsoft screwed up their phone play… They admitted as much. That takes a lot of the wind out of the sails of the UWP development proposition, but all is far from lost.

With the advent of WOA (Windows on ARM), there is a host of new devices coming our way, all with different form factors. These form factors will be non standard and varied as the industry searches for the next new thing. Making sure your software solutions get the most eyeballs and the most use is paramount in an app developer’s mind and drives much of what we do. To that end, UWP has a whole new shot at relevance and increased import. At least that is how I see it and why all my new apps targeting Windows in any flavor are UWP projects.

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