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Contrary To Popular Opinion

Surprisingly, there is still a lot of money to be made from Windows Phone users. I know that there are no new devices coming out and the latest ones were released almost two years ago (not counting WileyFox’s phones which were only available for a short time before the company entered into bankruptcy, TechCrunch , Digital Trends).

I am speaking from personal experience, I am seeing a marked uptick in downloads and income from my apps over last year. It seems surprising until you think of it logically. There are still millions of Windows Phones out there and as developers leave the market or as apps get abandoned, the users are motivated to download and support the apps that are being maintained and properly marketed.

One thing to make sure you’re doing is to update existing apps to UWP, it will help to ensure you are future-proofing your apps for whatever comes next. With full Windows coming to Arm, new devices and new categories will be made with form factors that will embrace and need the flexibility of UWP.

Remember, as always, the development and deployment of an app is only about 30% of the actual work involved in making serious money from your app portfolio. Stay tuned for more tips and info on how you can make money on your apps.

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