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Slakr – Call for Beta Testers

If you use Slack ( for team communications and you are a Windows or Windows Phone user, you may have noticed a bit of a hole in the support for these platforms.

I decided last weekend to create a Slack client for Windows Phone and Windows.   I am a good way through the app now and am looking for some beta testers. 

THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL SLACK APP, but has the blessing of Slack and hopefully will make lots of Slack users very happy.  As much as I love the name Slakr, i have to change to comply with the rules of using the API, so I don’t confuse users. 

If you want to beta test the app, please email me at and give me your email address so I can add you to the Slakr team of testers.  There will be channels to ask for features, report bugs or issues and to discuss the project directly with me.

Some of the basics:

  • Slakr will support multiple teams out of the box.
  • To be on the beta test team, the first team you have connected to Slakr must be the Slakr team.  You can connect to as many other teams as you like.
  • As an added bonus, the beta testers that give the most constructive and useful help and reporting will be rewarded with a gift to be revealed at the end of the beta.
  • You will be asked to be polite to the other members of the team and do not solicit or spam them.
  • If you advise or request a feature that becomes a paid feature, you will get a special code to get all paid features for free.  This code will be good only for two devices at a time and will be attached to the email address you used to join the beta.

The team is set up now and I will be taking requests for features even before the app is available to the store!  

Hope to see you on the team!

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