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2015 – New Year, New Apps, New Options

Looking for feedback from the App developer community!

I am thinking of adding not one, but TWO podcasts to the inter-web landscape. From the conversations I have had with several developers from all over the world, I have found that there are two main formats that you find useful. One is the format of quick, snippets of information that you can absorb quickly and help you to continue on with your day, with, perhaps, a new thought bouncing around in your head to help you reach your goals. and the other is a longer, more detailed podcast that perhaps contains some coding and will give you something to listen to over lunch or on your way to the office and will motivate you, and give you the information needed to solve an issue, start a project or just think differently.

What do you think? If I start these podcasts would you listen? Which one do you think would match your needs most?

Please vote by leaving your comments below!

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10 Responses

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  1. EvilGardenGnome says

    What’s the value-add on the short items versus a blogpost?

    The longer videos sound interesting, though.

  2. jason nguyen says

    I like the idea of both since the type of podcast i listen to depends on what I’m doing

  3. Tom Walker says

    The quick snippets would be better as a video podcast with the appropriate links to the source code. The longer podcast shouldn’t be no more than 40 mins to an hour. Anything longer would be too much for people to listen too over lunch.

  4. Onome says

    I think this is a great idea! I’d prefer the longer, more detailed podcast. I typically listen to podcasts on my way to/from work.

  5. Chris Dufour says

    I like both formats. Some topics do not lend themselves to the shorter format so they should be more detailed.

  6. Jeremy Ortins says

    Hi Atley,

    I would definitely listen to any podcast you provide, that being said I’ve always found the latter of the two options more to my benefit. A longer more detailed podcast also allows me the ability to skim through sections and review key concepts or pain points; essentially reaching both targets.

    Even with developer group meetups I find that I learn enough to appreciate the tools and concepts, but not necessarily enough to move forward with them quickly given their high level nature.

  7. Carl Schweitzer says

    I always enjoy listening to longer form podcasts. easier for me to start playing and then listen to while I am commuting / doing chores. I generally phase out podcasts shorter than 20 minutes due overhead of managing the podcasts while doing other tasks.

    P.S. Welcome to the podcasting world!

  8. Ryan Groom says

    I personally prefer podcasts that I learn something and takes the time to go into detail. 30-40 minutes is a good length.

  9. Tim Rogers says

    As a visual thinker I lean towards the videos for anything involving code. I also tend to only get the podcasts out for travel, so the longer format is a better fit.

    However, having said that, the short snippets has my curiosity peaked. I like the thought of being able to go back to them when you need them like a good resource library.

  10. Rob says

    I definitely prefer the longer podcasts. You’re always a great guest to listen to on other podcasts like .NET Rocks and MS Dev Show, so I think it’d be great for you to start your own show.

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