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How I Spent My Christmas Break

Well, by now, most of the people that know me, know that I am a coding freak.  I relax by coding, I rejuvenate by trying new things and I like to push the boundaries of what is possible whenever I get the chance.

When the time came to take a little break at the end of the year, I did it as a true code junkie would, and I locked myself away and coded some apps.  This time, I decided to stray a little bit from my normal Windows Phone apps and build some Windows RT apps,  I figured that I’d port some of my Windows Phone apps to Windows RT and see how hard it was.

I was extremely and pleasantly surprised to see that it was relatively simple to take an existing Windows Phone app and, mainly through UI changes, support a whole new platform!

I was able to convert 40 Windows Phone apps to Windows RT in an incredibly short time and they are all currently in the Windows Store.  you can find them easily by searching for CodeCreators in the store.  I will be blogging in more detail starting next week.  I look forward to your questions and feedback.

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  1. AlexD says

    Interesting to hear that. I went through the same experience a couple of months ago when I ported my app from WP 7 to WinRT and didn’t get the same pleasant surprise.
    There are a lot of things that are not included in WinRT that were present on WP. I managed to find workarounds for all the issues and successfully ported my app in the end.
    I still like WinRT, I still plan to make WinRT and WP apps but I can see why so many apps are still missing from the Store (see Facebook or IMDB to name just a couple that I really miss).

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