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Appaddiction – A new beginning

I mainly post only technical articles here, so I apologize for the divergence.

I have been very active in telling developers about the opportunities in Windows Phone development.  I have decided to take my own advice.  That is why, as of April 18th, 2012, I will be focusing all of my development time and efforts towards mobile development focusing primarily on Windows Phone development.

After months of perfecting my mobile development and turning down contracts to work on large Windows Phone contracts, I have decided to make the leap to consulting and to also focus on my own app development.


On the consulting side, I have been offered and accepted a chance to work with the fantastic team at Object Sharp.  I will be working with them to generate a world class mobile development offering which I will be heading up.  We will be offering the same expert advice and development resources that Object Sharp is famous for on Windows Phone.  We will focus on helping businesses to either expand their existing mobile offerings to this platform and make informed decisions and steps into the mobile space.

I am also excited to be involved heavily with this year’s At The Movies event to be held in Toronto on May 1st, 2012.  If you’re in Toronto that day, make plans to come to the event, which, as always, will be focusing on what is coming up in development as well as what will be essential in the coming year.   Be sure to find me and say hi!

On the app side, I will finally be able to, hopefully, catch up on some of the more than 200 app ideas that I have yet to create as well as maintain the apps I have already created.  My plan is to release more than 50 apps this summer alone to add to my app stable.  Watch here for more info on the apps and their successes!

On the mentoring, speaking and community side, watch for me to be even more involved, with a new online show starting soon in partnership with Microsoft and Telerik.  As always, I will be happy to talk to all developers and always eager to help in any way I can with your Windows Phone development projects.

I would like to thank the staff and management at Altus Capital Planning, where I have spent the past three years, for their understanding and support with my decision to make this career change.

Watch this space, lots to come!!!

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  1. Kanwal Khipple says

    congrats! ObjectSharp is very fortunate to have you!

  2. PHenry says

    HOLY SMOKES! I JUST heard you this week talking up a storm about WP7 dev and now you’re “dog fooding” it! Awesome man! All the best of luck to you, and I for one will be right here root’n for you!!!!!!!!!

    • Atley says

      I do actually believe the things I say 😉

      I have been saying for a while that there is a lot of really amazing things coming up with Windows Phone. I was finally able to organize everything and put my plan in action. The association with Object Sharp will be a very good thing going forward and it will help to align and connect me with the right organizations in order to provide some excellent and inspiring apps and user experiences!

  3. Kevin Schaefer says

    Good luck.

    • Atley says

      Thanks! Looking forward to the new projects & have a ton of app ideas, so I am really excited about this!

  4. Alex T says

    I saw your name along with ObjectSharp when I first got the “In the movies” notification – and told to myself: “hmmm…”
    Now it’s explained 🙂
    Good luck, they’re great!
    If I decide to pursue the contractor career some day, I know now whom to ask 😉

    P.S. Please say hi to Andre and Jatinder 😉

    • Atley says

      Thanks Alex! I will be sure to say hi… Are you coming to the event?

      • Alex T says

        Uhm… Probably not. Have fun!

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