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WP App Lifecycle Series – How Do I???

I get asked a lot of questions that basically start out with – “I made my app, now what do I do with it???”

That is pretty much the thing that is in most, if not all, developers’ minds.  You have built an app and now what?  How do you make money?  How do you support it?  How do you improve it?  How do you get more users? 

Most of us are developers, not Project Managers, not Software Development Managers, not Solutions Architects, not Marketers, so once the code is done in our day to day work lives, it goes away, to be replaced by a new feature spec to be coded and released on it’s merry way.  We do not see features again unless they are being changed/modified/enhanced or unless there are bugs.

This leaves some of us at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the new paradigm of the One-Man-Software-Shop that the new ‘App’ markets have created.  Some of us have done very well, some of us have done very not-so-well.

That’s where this series comes in.  I am, or have held each one of those roles listed above in one capacity or another, plus I have a lot of contacts that currently hold those types of positions.  I am going to do the research, testing and share what I find right here with you!

Check here often (or subscribe) and look for the WP App Lifecycle in the title and you will get all the info I find as soon as I can post it here!

I am very open to suggestions, ideas and questions, so please!  Ask/comment/suggest away and lets all make awesome experiences for both our users and us!

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