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Getting High On Mango

No, I didn’t find some way to dry and smoke mango to try to relax, nor did I inject mango juice directly into a vein to try and reach a new state of alertness.  Instead, I excitedly loaded  the new Mango pre-release for Windows Phone!

It was a long task to get the newerest (newer than the newest) version of the phone OS installed.  I had to do no less than 6 different installs:

  1. Install Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1
  2. Install the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Beta 2
  3. Update the Zune client software
  4. Install and run the self-provisioning tool
  5. Update my phone to Windows Phone build 7401
  6. Update my phone to Windows Phone build 7661

There were several, somewhat scary, definitely serious messages telling me to BACKUP THE IMAGE CREATED BY THE PROVISIONING TOOL.  I took this very seriously, I now have 2 images on my desktop, one on my laptop, one on my SAN and another in my SkyDrive…  I think I have covered all the bases. Smile

The whole process went very smoothly and the install files were accompanied with an exceptionally well planned and laid out instructional manual in the form of a PDF.  If you have been offered the

So… You Have Mango… What Did You Do First?

Glad you asked… I started exploring the various settings changes and found that a few of the features I was most interested in were still not available on the version I have.

The navigation was the thing that struck me the most, they have taken a great UI and made it even better, more intuitive and faster! 

There are so many things I want to tell you, but, of course, the NDA keeps my lips and my keyboard sealed for now.  I will, however be updating on the progress and processes as I update all of my currently listed apps to support some of the new features in Mango, so stay tuned and check back often! 

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