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7in7 – Day Four

7in7 logoWell, yesterday was day four and I am now late writing this.

Today two of my apps from this week became active on the Marketplace.  Black Book was from Day One and you can see it here.  Hearsee, from Day Two can be found here.

Day four, the halfway point to my quest, and it was a rough day. 
For some reason, everything seemed to get in the way.  Because
of that, I didn’t get to start coding until about 8:30 last night, about
2 hours later than the previous 3 days.  Due to that fact, I am
writing today instead of yesterday, as I wanted to.

The app I decided to build was a audio recorder that I simply called Recorder.  It is a simple app with just a couple of screens. 


I started it as a Windows Phone Data Bound Application.  To the template’s two pages (MainPage and DetailPage) I added another page (AddEditMemoPage). 

The app was pretty straight forward MVVM, I created a RecordedItem object class that held the recorded audio as a byte array along with the Name, Date and an Index.  I also added a read-only property to calculate the size of the byte array and show it as a string in terms of KB or MB.

The rest of the code covered the basic CRUD functionalities.  To that I had to add the obvious play/recording functionality from using Microsoft.Xna.Framework (I will add more detail to the Hearsee post from Day Three).

The one new functionality I wanted to add to this app was the ability to play or record while under the lock screen which I did (I will put this code up here once I get today’s app build Smile)

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