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7in7 – Day Three

7in7 logo_thumb[1]Another day another app!!!  Day three was a little scary, mainly because I couldn’t think of any new ideas!  I could think of apps sure, but they were either ones that I was already working on before this week (therefore disqualified) or they were simply
too large or complicated to get done in an evening.

It wasn’t until I was almost home that I heard an add for a gym on the radio and I thought of today’s app.  I just posted it to the Marketplace a little while ago.  It’s called HealthCalc and it is a really easy-to-use BMI and Calorie calculator.

You can, with a few simple clicks, find the recommended daily amount of calorie you
should consume.  The BMI calculator is just as easy to use.  Simply enter your height
and weight in either Metric or Imperial measurements, click the button and you instantly
know what your BMI is and what that means for your health.

HealthCalc - ScreenShot_05HealthCalc - ScreenShot_01HealthCalc - ScreenShot_02HealthCalc - ScreenShot_03

I am starting to wonder about the Marketplace today!   Usually it takes about a day for my apps to be approved and I currently have three different apps in the marketplace waiting to be approved.  Strange.

In this app, I used the Pivot control which I hadn’t used before.  It is a really nice control and it is really easy to use.  I prefer how it looks to the Panorama control, I find that it generates a nicer app experience.

Well, off to sleep!!! Tomorrow is the half-way point… Wonder what I’ll make tomorrow.

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