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Why Canada, Why Now, Why Windows Phone 7

I started pumping out apps for the Great Canadian Apportunity and now I am so excited about how well my apps are doing on the Marketplace, I sometimes forget that I am in a contest!

I started with a couple of simple apps and as I got more used to the framework, my apps got more detailed, more graphical, better and with that came more sales.

One of the things I’m taking away from this contest is a much better understanding of the marketing needed to get an app off the ground in today’s market.  I’ve also amassed a great little store of reusable code and can now get a more than basic app up in almost no time at all!

I’ve got friends that develop for the iPhone and they tell me that it’s really tough to get any traction in the AppStore.  It makes sense; there are a half a million apps in that store, hard not to drown in a pool that big.  In relation, the Marketplace for Windows Phone is brand new, so it is much easier to be chosen when there are only a few apps like yours out there, not hundreds.

The one thing that I learned from watching the growth of Apple’s AppStore is that the people that got in early made the most money the easiest.

What really lit a fire under my butt was the contest that Microsoft Canada is putting on right now.  Chances to win Xbox Kinects and Windows Phones each month was nearly enough for me to abandon the TV and get an app or two into the contest.  The chance at a Mesh Conference ticket, a cool gaming laptop or even $10,000 was enough to seal the deal.

To get started building Windows Phone 7 (or WP7 for the cool kids), apps click here for the free tools, training and everything else you’ll need to get started.   To enter the Great Canadian Apportunity contest, click here to join up and submit your application ideas.  Good Luck!!!

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