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Microsoft and Nokia–a geek’s thoughts

Nokia announced this past week that they were going partner with Microsoft and that all of their Smartphones would now be Windows Phone 7 based.

I think that is fantastic news for developers of Windows Phone 7 apps!  With the brand recognition Nokia brings to the table, the vast, established customer base and the vendor relationships, the Windows Phone 7 platform is going to get a very welcome boost!

Nokia is listed as the eighth most valuable global brand by Business Week in 2010.
I think that this partnership will offer great things for both parties concerned and the biggest winner will be the users and the developers that develop for the platform.

“We have Samsung, HTC, Dell, and LG, why do we need Nokia?”

That is a good question, and there are a few good answers for that.  From a consumer point, the more Vendors creating the phone and the more Carriers that sell the phones with their package, the better.  Competition is always a good thing…. It opens up options to the consumers.  There will be a wider range of phones that will suit a wider variety of needs and price points.

If only one or two vendors create the devices, there is not much incentive for them to move on price or to release to Carriers unless that Carrier agrees to their price point demands.

Nokia sells more phones than anyone else.  If you look at the specs, they are the biggest player in the mobile game.  With that, comes great advantages with both Carriers and Manufacturers.  At their volume levels, they will actual affect the cost of manufacturing and one of the main by-products of this will be increased research which will, in turn lead to better and more capable products.

The price factor is also key to releasing the platform in other markets.  This will increase adoption with groups that otherwise not be exposed to the platform at all… the further sales will boost both development.

When it comes to what is a driving factor for consumers, it is as varied as the consumers themselves.  Some will want a certain brand, because they are loyal to that brand and/or they have had good experiences with them, while others are like you and I, preferring a platform and then looking at the brand as a secondary things.

I think that one of the big factors of this, is that, pretty much everyone, at one point or another, has had a Nokia phone.  This will drive many that have been on the fence about the Windows Phone 7 platform to finally give in and get one.

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