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The New Gold Rush!

There’s gold in them thar hills! Make no mistake about it, there’s money to be made and now is the perfect time to make it! History has shown us that the ones that jumped in on the ground floor made a killing. Welcome to the ground floor of Windows Phone 7.

When other platforms came out, I wanted to make apps for them, but I didn’t have the time (or the money) to learn a new platform, but now, with WP7, I get my shot. I can use the same basic tools for WP7 that I use at work every day, no learning curve. I have never been more excited to get home from work and try something out on my phone.

I’ve been coding for more than 15 years and working with mobile for more than 8 and it’s never been easier to pick up a little extra cash than it is right now. I’ve making mobile apps for almost a decade and I can safely say that there’s never been a better set of tools.

I have developed four apps already, have a fifth in testing and have the plans and ideas for four more. I’ve literally been able to turn out a whole app in about a weekend, it blows me away how easy this is! With a brand new platform comes an unlimited possibility.

How many mobile apps have you seen that you thought, “Hey, I could do better than that”? Here’s your chance!


Trust me, I am no design guy (personally, I hate graphics), but doing this is simple enough even for me. I’m doing things I’d thought impossible a few months ago. Graphics tools normally frustrate me and seem like a waste of time, but these tools are easy to use. The best part about it is that they’re completely FREE!!!

To make a great thing even better, Microsoft has set up a contest for us Canucks called The Great Canadian Apportunity. You have lots of chances to win and the grand prize is $10,000!

Getting starting is simple, click here and get the tools… I bet that you will be up and going in no time!


Looking forward to seeing you in the hills!

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