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Coding – The Anti-Sleeping Pill

There is nothing harder than trying to sleep with a problem buzzing around in my head…  I cannot count the number of times I have woken bolt upright in bed with a huge chunk of code just aching for a way to get out of my fingertips and onto a computer.  Just as numerous are the nights where sleep was avoided altogether by just staying at my computer, banging out line after line of code, just trying to get the complete thought out, that last issue solved or that need new app tied up so I could just stop thinking about it and move on with my life.

I think that this is partially a product of my love for coding and solving problems.  I can also remember nights when I have chosen Sudoku or word problems over sleep, but nothing compares to the drive to get a code project complete, get a server functioning optimally, just getting a machine reconfigured.  All of these seem to overpower my need for sleep. 

Nothing I have found; coffee, energy drinks, sugar, etc. can compare to my drive to get a thought down on the screen.  I am just waiting for the clinical name for whatever it is that I have.  I have talked to lots of programmers and IT specialists that have the same affliction, so at least, while I may be an anomaly, I am not a complete freak!  I will take the little miracles. 

The funniest thing about this is how much it bothers my closest friends and my family.  They seem genuinely worried at times when I do not sleep for an entire weekend and yet seem excited and full of energy.  I think that they think I am on drugs J  Coding is the only drug I gladly do.  I am definitely looking forward to getting my fix this holiday season.  Merry Codesmas!!!

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