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Tablet Battle

I like using the iPad.  It gives me the ability to use my calendar and my email as long as there is WiFi (I didn’t get the sim-enabled one).   While I like the iPad, I do not see it as a great business tool, it is more of a personal tool.

I have also used the Android one and, although I like my iPad, I prefer the Android one for business use as it is much easier for custom apps to be built for it and it opens up Google Office which is much more powerful than the options currently available on iPad. 

That being said, I have not had a chance to check out the Blackberry Playbook yet, although I am not expecting it to really blow the Android tablet out of the water. 

Sadly for anyone I talk to, there are no plans at this time for the Windows Phone 7 OS to be ported to a tablet format.  I expect that, when that is finally done, it will blow all of the other offerings out of the water with it’s support for Silverlight development and incredible Office applications not to mention it’s superior support for email and calendar through Exchange.

So, my choice at the moment for the winner of the tablet battle is Android.

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