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Tis the Season of Giving

I love the holidays.  I look forward to a few days off to unwind, sometimes I even get to play a video game or two!

This year I am going to be checking out the Humble Bundle, a collection of Indie games that not only offers a cool set of titles (see below), but also lets me help others.

When I say help others, I mean it.  The bundle is set up so, not only do you decide how much to pay, you also get to decide how the money is divided.  You have the choice on dividing the money between the game developers and two different charities EFF and the Child’s Play charity.

So, this year when my family asks what I am doing on the computer during the holidays, I’ll say with a smile, “I’m not playing for me, it’s for charity”

In an effort towards world peace, the collection runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, so everyone can play!  Go to the site, check out the bundle and smile a little bigger during your holiday break!

For more info, check out this cool trailer

Have a great time knowing you made someone’s holiday brighter!

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