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How Do I Choose what App to Build for Windows Phone 7?

I find that, when deciding what app to build for a mobile device, I never can figure out what everyone else would like.  I never have been able to find out what that ‘killer app’ would be.  As a matter of fact, when I try, the apps invariably bomb hopelessly.

Where I found most of my success is when I simply forget about everyone else and simply create what I want to do on my phone.  I make it work exactly as I would want it and I have it function to my standards, which are quite high.  I also use each app as exercises in coding, I make sure I create proper classes, use resources, fully comment everything and try to follow all of the best practices that I have been taught and now teach at work.

In every single case, each of the apps I built for myself and then placed in the open market went on to have a measure of success.  Mind you, none of them have made me rich, but then again, that is not why I am making the phone apps in the first place.  I have been very well paid for every app I have made using this philosophy.  The fact is, I have some very cool apps for my phone, ones that save me time and money and that, coupled with the chance to perfect my craft, is payment enough.  Everything else has just been gravy, a fair bit of gravy.

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