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Why Windows Phone 7???

I love technology, love to design and create applications.  When the iPhone first came out, I got one…  I was really excited about it, thought it might be the next great frontier for me.  Then I tried the development tools (MonoTouch was not out yet).  I was not impressed to say the least.  I found the development slow and not at all what I had become used to with the Microsoft development tools that I commonly used.  I guess I am a little spoiled by the advanced frameworks, toolkits, and the copious amounts of information available on the web about solving problems with the Microsoft stack.  Regardless of the reason, I abandoned the iPhone and went back to developing for Windows Mobile 6.5.

The new Windows Phone 7 got me really excited when I first heard about it.  The interface sounded interesting and I chased down a Zune HD to check out the interface even though it was not being sold in Canada.  When I got the Zune, I was excited; the interface was intuitive and fast!

First thing I did, when they were available, was sign up for the beta tools and started playing around with them.  The platform focused on Silverlight and though I had made a small, experimental Silverlight application for work to test a theory, I had no real experience with it.  Expression Blend was daunting at first since  I am more of a background processes guy and I leave the UI mostly to the designers at the company I work for.  Here too, I found the interface intuitive and easy to use.  I really didn’t need to swear as much with Expression Blend as I did with say, Photoshop or Illustrator.  I imagine, though, that Expression Blend would be insanely easy for a person who has mastered either of those applications.

One of the things that have really impressed me with Windows Phone 7 development is the support that Microsoft is giving to developers.  The tools have always been free, but in previous versions, they really felt like free tools.  Not quite as honed or as robust as the other platforms.  The new tools for Windows Phone 7 are as robust and well-supported as the tools you pay for.  Microsoft really seems to understand the needs of the developer community.  

I guess, if I had to choose the main reason I like to create apps for Windows Phone 7 is that the development is quick.  I know the tools and the language, I use it every day at work.  This is a big plus for me over all of the other platforms.  The shift from ASP.NET or Windows forms application programming is a tiny one… You can learn the major differences in a weekend. 

Great tools, great support, why not develop for Windows Phone 7?

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  1. Britney says

    great detailing…now i want one badly!

  2. Yossi says

    Another reason to choose Windows Phone 7 as a platform is that it is a new platform that Microsoft wants to push. This means that a)Microsoft will give you all the support you need right now, and b)the smaller number of applications increases your chance to sell your applications.

    • Atley says

      Those are both good points! I think I will write a new blog extending the reasons!

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